Other media

Broken and Loved Pendant

2015-05-19 09.33.45

Broken and Loved 2 sided pendant

Painting Mandala Stones


Painted mandala stones

Fire Journal Cover

See me as I am Mixed media; acrylic, yarns, wood, beads, wire, polymer clay 1.5 x 1.2m

Wedding ring, to the sea returned Watercolour

Sterling Silver Pendant

TheMHS Group Quilt Project

Embroidered panel for group quilt

Wooden dragon chop

Moon and tree chop

Broken City Sculpture:

Broken City Glass and shadow sculpture 

Beaded jewellery

Kiln fused glass Leunig duck pendant Hand carved wooden Hope pendant

Blue bird of happiness – Fabric paint on linen

Human skull

I appreciate hearing from you

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