SmART Training

One of the fantastic opportunities I’ve been busy with lately (instead of getting reasonable amounts of sleep) is a couple of modules of SmART training, which is billed as ‘business skills for creative people’ and aimed at people with a disability. Last week we did 2 days on how to plan and program events, and this week we’re doing 1 day on people skills. May I say if you are creative and have a disability – get in to this training! It’s been offered by the Community Arts Network and Disability Arts Transition Team, ignore the dreadful website, the training was really useful and the take home manual comprehensive. It was also a great chance to meet some other creative folks with a variety of disabilities themselves, and to me, that’s as valuable as the training. 🙂 So, keep an eye out and if you see any more of this training, snap it up! I’ll post any info as I become aware of it at my What’s On page.

I hadn’t realised until this course just how much event running I’ve been involved in! I’m the primary event person in my family and social network, every year Christmas and Birthdays etc tend to fall to me. I’ve also been involved in some biggies like the school formal, theatre productions, engagement parties. In fact I gained a reputation for being able to work with people, produce the spectacle and stay in budget. My big weakness to date has been the paperwork side of things as most of what I’ve been involved in has been informal and running to a very tight budget. Things like grant applications haven’t been on my radar. But, I enjoy writing, and if I can master the transition in style from poetry to essay – the former came naturally to me, but the latter took serious effort – then I can learn the language of proposals and applications.

These are very exciting skills to be learning, not only for use in my creative projects, but also for the development of further resources in mental health. That’s a very exciting prospect and I’m keen to take things further and also try to make sure the resources I’m involved in now are sustainable over time. These are key projects I’m very passionate about and committed to, and it’s clear to me that at this point I need to be able to drive and manage them at least until I’ve found existing compatible projects to nest them into or some way to ensure they keep running. It’s an odd quirk of life, but currently art is my ‘day job’ and peer work my unpaid indulgent hobby!

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