I’ve been keen to add pictures of my work to my Gallery page so people who want to look through my art don’t have to trawl through lots of posts of the art in development. Fun as that can be! I’m rather short of time at the moment with Tafe and various other projects – I’ve taken up a short WEA course in Auslan, which is lots of fun! The quality of the photos is pretty variable, and some I’m not happy with, particularly where the image has been photographed through the glass in the frame. I plan to upgrade them all when I have a day off sometime. In the meantime, this is the most comprehensive collection of my work to date. I’ve quite a bit more to include and I’ll add to these collections over time, I’m particularly keen to put up the images from my various talks over the year. I quibbled over different ways of presenting the works – list them all directly in the gallery page? (this can mean the page takes a long time to load for those on slower computers) In the end I decided to group them and create links to backdated posts. I’m still not sure if grouping them by media/type is best or if I should have gone with subject eg all the tree spirit works together. Hard call. I may have to play around a bit until I find the format that’s easiest for people to navigate. Go have a look and tell me what you think.

Putting it all together like this, I’ve realised how productive I’ve been the past couple of years. Making up for lost time! It’s pretty exciting to see a body of work developing, and series and themes starting to emerge. Sophie for example is a little girl who turns up in a few different works like The Forest of Shadows. I’d also like to add in a description of each work, which I often have to include for the curator when they are exhibited.  
Today, I spent an hour on hold with Centrelink, in order to get some paperwork from them to start recording profit and loss statements as a sole trader. Despite my deep sense of gloom at all things math and paperwork related, this is an exciting moment. One of my major goals this year was to start operating as a professional artist and I’m achieving it! I’ve a business name, ABN, online presence, and participate regularly in community exhibitions. One of my major goals for next year is become published. There are three pieces of software I want to be able to work on to that end, I’ve just purchased two. This weekend I hope to back up my computer, then install Windows 7 and the Microsoft Office 2010 suite. This will bring my computer into line with software at work, Tafe and the library, meaning no more compatibility problems with docx formats and no more Vista being the pain that Vista is. Next I need to buy the Adobe In Design and start to layout my booklet. I’ll keep you posted! Very exciting developments in my world. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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