Rose petals and glass

Small Object Making class: start at the beginning:

Working on my two final projects for my Tafe class Small Object Making, one will be a bowl made from rose petals, the other will be a sculpture made from broken glass. I’ve only a couple of weeks left so I’m working hard on both. I’d love to have carved something from wood but I lack the tools at home to do it safely.

The rose petal bowl is going to work well although my various experiments have forced me to the conclusion that the final project must be completed entirely in one sitting then crystallized and baked slowly being turned often to dry evenly. The hardest part is the sewing, which is so fiddly that my hands start to fatigue after an hour and shake, which is a nuisance in needle work but catastrophic when working with rose petals as they tear so easily.

I’ve been sanding the sharp edges of the glass by hand but it’s very time consuming and a bit hard on my fingers. I’m thinking of either polishing the whole lot with sand or leaving them sharp and just being very careful about how I assemble the work… so, anyone have a cement mixer I can borrow?
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