UnBOUND Art Sale

I’ve signed on to be part of an art sale called unBOUND happening in early December. It’s being run by the Disability Arts Transition Team, and Community Arts Network. The artworks will be all be unframed, available for under $100 (possibly not including the commission – I’m not quite sure about that) and all by artists with a disability. We each need to offer at least 20 works for sale, so I’m working on some ink paintings and haiga, in between my other projects. This will be a great opportunity to snap up some lovely original artworks very cheaply!

The work will only be on display for two days, 10 & 11th December, with new art works being displayed as others sell.

Juxtapose Studio Gallery
Shop 6, Cinema Place

I have a lot of painting to do! Tonight I’ve been collecting a list of short poems that might work in a painting. Wish me luck.

Here’s one of the short poems I’m thinking of painting into a modern haiga:

My skin tells lies
Conceals worlds
Bears no trace of tears.

4 thoughts on “UnBOUND Art Sale

  1. Hi John! Aah isn't that always the way… good to have too many interesting things rather than too few. That's a good point, I'll try to upload anything that doesn't sell and add it to my gallery for folks that don't make it there. You're welcome! I've always loved your work.


  2. what a fabulous idea, Sarah. I probably won't be able to make friday night but I would like to have a ramble through the gallery on the weekend; damn! just checked my diary: wouldn't you know it, I'll be in Brisbane 😦 but I'll check your blogs for updates; have added you to my list of favourites and thanks for visiting my blog


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