Preparing the garden for summer

Lately Mum and I have been putting a little bit of time into the garden, hoping to prepare it for the hot weather to come. I don’t manage temperature extremes of hot or cold very well, just one of the quirks of my physical illness, so unfortunately on the nastiest days my garden wilts because I’m too wilted to look after it. So I’ve up-potted various plants so they don’t dry out as fast, planted into the ground various potted herbs and geranium cuttings that have taken root etc. And grouped everything together to make it easier to water and help to create a microclimate that lessens water loss. Plus, it looks good. The parsley and coriander are going to seed, so will soon hopefully spread through the roses and succulents of their own accord to crate a kind of potager garden. Give it a year or two to fill out and it’ll be beautiful. In the meantime I’m watching the figs with deep greed. I love figs!

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