Art behind the Art

Today I spent a couple of hours preparing some ink paintings for the UnBOUND Art Sale coming up this weekend. Thankfully, this is for unframed art which cut down my preparation time by several days. It’s still surprisingly time consuming to ID, title, decide on a price, scan, and bag each work! Here’s a couple of the ones that will be up for sale this weekend:

This work is going very cheaply because it is ‘concept work’ rather than final artwork. That is, some are ‘studies’ that a final is based on, experimenting with form and placement until I find the version I’m happy with. Others are practising a particular style or exploring new materials such as a different type of paper. Some are exercises from books I’ve set myself to learn a new brushstroke or way of blending colour. Nonetheless, they can be very beautiful in their own right. The prices for these will range from $13 to $53.

This collection was almost entirely painted in Singapore whilst I was there for three months early this year. I wanted to explore new areas with my ink paintings and set myself to learn some Chinese and Japanese techniques. I bought a variety of inks and traditional bamboo brushes and practised new ways of loading and blending colour on the brush and different strokes. The red seal I bought in Singapore as my Chinese name to sign the works. The one pictured here is ‘Aaliyah’ which has the same meaning as my English name – Princess.

As always, details are in What’s On. 🙂

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