Happy New Year

Wishing all you good folks a great end to 2011. It was a funny year for me, there were some huge challenges and crises in it, but also some wonderful unexpected successes and adventures. I’m quite amazed at how much progress I made on my various goals despite everything else, and part of that is down to some great support, my amazing groups, and really finding my feet with what I love doing.

I hope you also made some progress on your own goals in 2011, that you’ve learned a bit, grown a bit, or for those of you who had a really tough year, that you were able to hang in there and hope for better times. Take good care of yourselves, and I hope that things are shaping up to be a good year in 2012.

I’ve got a lot to look forward to, my biggest challenges will be the unpredictability of my caring role, and keeping myself on an even keel amidst all the busy-ness. I’m worried about that, but making plans and arranging my calendar for down time each week. If I can keep my sleep going okay and touch base with friends and supports regularly, hopefully I’ll be able to keep it all together. Summer is a challenge for me health-wise and some of my new study will be starting very early in the morning which is also difficult for a night owl like me. We’ll see how things go! Good I hope.

Have a good night, say good bye to 2011 with joy or sadness or regret. A new day comes.

I appreciate hearing from you

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