More good news

Honestly, I can’t take much more of this! Between all the good news and the sleep deprivation, my head is about to fall off! Yesterday I signed for the new unit and was given the keys! Everything went very well, with the slight hiccup that the old shower rose has rusted off and apparently the maintenance person went to the wrong address and kindly gave some random person a new shower rose. They were most friendly and apologetic and promised me a plumber would call yesterday to come round and replace it. I haven’t heard from anyone yet. I feel that moving in and not showering for a week is not the best impression to make on my new neighbours. My electricity and gas were supposed to be connected on Thursday but still haven’t been either. On Friday 20th the Internet should be up and running.

I’ve met and said hello to some of my new neighbours, the block seems very quiet and peaceful. Apparently my 60ish year old neighbour next door was the youngest person in our complex until my arrival!

More good news in the post – I’ve been officially accepted into the Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design at Adelaide College of the Arts (that’s the nice big silvery Tafe building on Light Square)! I accepted the offer last night. I’ve been doing subjects from this degree piecemeal as a single subject enrolment over the last couple of years, so now I just need to apply for credit transfer and they’ll count towards my degree. I wanted to enrol in the degree in 2011, but they wouldn’t allow me to as I was going to Singapore and would miss part of the first Semester. Fortunately my old school grades still counted so I was able to apply on the back of those. I’ll start this at the same time as the Cert IV in Peer Work, but only do the Visual Art part time so I can do the Peer Work Cert full time.

I’m having trouble with sleep and pain at the moment with everything going on. I’m not getting to sleep until about 5am most nights, and I’ve been having trouble with TMJ over the past four or five months (pain in my jaw, possibly related to my fibromyalgia) which is waking me up around 8am. Physio and painkillers are helping but not enough, I’m starting to think I have a rotten tooth setting everything off. I already see far too much of my wonderful dentist but I think another visit is in order. 😦

In the meantime, naps whenever I can get them to catch up on sleep, not doing much before midday when I’m foggy and disoriented where possible, and stocking on up on easy food (no prep, no chewing!) to make sure I still eat during the move is my plan.

There was a special on yoghurt at my local supermarket so I’m all set. 🙂 I love those small bags of baby spinach you can buy for a couple of dollars too. With some high quality balsamic vinegar, you have an instant salad. That should help keep me going!

6 thoughts on “More good news

  1. Whew, it is! Hoping not to do it again for a long time. I'll have to make some more phone calls on Monday and see if I can get people moving. It's a bit difficult to live there if I have to have cold baths! Thanks for the encouragement Sandra 🙂


  2. Moving house is so stressful. I hope your electricity and gas get turned on! And the shower rose: public housing per normal.
    It's a colossal nuisance that your symptoms have stirred up. No wonder: so much change for you. And you'll love the course and will do brilliantly at it. Things must settle down soon.


  3. Apart from the utilities and the health issues, all great news. I hope the study goes super well for you. It seems like you're setting yourself up very well for your life now and way into the future too. Good on you!


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