News with pictures :)

I have my computer set up and my new internet account running. I am very pleased about this – I’ve been aware of emails and comments on the blog building up without responses like a nagging toothache.

Ah, on the toothache front – I’ve slightly stalled the start of a new med by submitting my script to a chemist then forgetting all about it and running off to other appointments. Dissociation is a pain! I have seen my dentist today for xrays and tests. No abscess, nerve death or other tooth issues, just quite severe TMJ. So a stronger approach is called for. He’s filed back a tooth that was sitting a little high (as my teeth move about a bit) and possibly sensitizing the nerve in that tooth. He’s also taken molds from which night guards will be made. He said the primary issue is that my stress is too high and my sleeping is poor. Without getting a lot of deep sleep hours, I tend to clench and grind my teeth, inflaming the muscles around my jaw and neck and causing all this pain. So, hopefully the night guard will help to protect my teeth, I go back in a fortnight to have it fitted. The new meds might also reduce the pain and I’m hoping finishing up with the move and settling in to the new place will reduce my stress levels. I’m also doing a lot of work on improving my sleep, but with PTSD that is a long term problem. He’s also advised me to save a bit of money for two or three root canals I can expect to need over the next few years. Oh dear.

Charlie and Loki (my dog and cat) came to my new place today. Loki is quite unwell and has set up home on a bench under my computer desk and stayed there pretty much all day. He doesn’t seem too bothered by the change in setting (this is his usual behaviour when he’s not feeling well) although he didn’t much appreciate the car trip over. Charlie is of course thoroughly disoriented and has spent a lot of the day walking into the walls. I can see that I’m going to have a lot of wet dog nose smudge marks at knee height on all my walls! He hasn’t barked or been any trouble so far, enjoyed wandering around the backyard and went for a nice walk this evening. As long as his bed comes with him and he gets cuddles, he seems to be pretty happy with things.

Oh, here’s a picture I wanted to share from earlier in the week – a couple of awesome friends came round to move the heavy furniture for me, and decided to do it all in one trip!

I’ve never seen a ute loaded so high! But, it worked, nothing fell off. 🙂

I’m short of various bits of furniture so I’ve been bidding on second hand items on ebay and scored a few useful items cheaply which I’m very happy about. I don’t have my books moved yet and most of the place is still covered in boxes but I’m probably not going to get too much more done yet as I need to write a new Dissociation Link for this month and prepare for the trip to Broken Hill next week! I can’t wait! I need to choose, print and rehearse a collection of poems to read. I quite enjoyed selecting some old poems to schedule for this week that I wouldn’t have easy net access. Some of them may even come with me to Broken Hill…

I’ve met several of my neighbours and they’ve been very friendly and welcoming. It seems like a really nice area – although I was told tonight that my unit was once deliberately set on fire with kerosene when a previous occupant was here. Yikes! One of my neighbours is a gardener and gave me this lovely home-grown banana tonight:


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