Tiger’s been adopted!

Great news! A lovely cat I was fostering for a few months last year has finally been adopted! I’m thrilled for him, he’s got the most lovely gentle personality and a lot of love. I’m sure his new family will love him to bits!

I won’t take on any new foster cats at the moment, particularly as Loki is still pretty unwell with some unidentified virus (according to the vet) which I wouldn’t want to pass on. He’s in slightly better spirits than he was, and is finally putting some weight back on. I’m also noticing his coat is improving a little, so I have my fingers crossed for him. Unfortunately when cats are ill their toileting habits may become disrupted – my mornings typically start with mopping up puddles round the house at the moment. Thank goodness my place is all lino!

Charlie is also improving a little, I’m trying new ear drops for the persistent infections, and he gets his eyes bathed with salt water a couple of times a week. He is loving his new smaller home with no stairs and a small yard. I’ve finally settled him into sleeping on his bed in the shed at night by making sure I don’t feed him until bedtime and I put the food right by hid bed. As he’s completely blind he no longer knows night from day and his sleep rhythms are all out. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with putting him out for the night and having him howl and sook. I’ve tried sleeping him indoors but that results in a lot more cleaning up for me in the morning. The little garden shed is a nice big dog kennel for him at the moment, which is good because the ventilation is much better than in a little kennel and it stays a  bit cooler on warm days. It’s also right in the shade of my big peppercorn tree which helps a lot. He’s dropped a little bit of weight on a restricted diet and with lots of walks, which is great because he has quite bad arthritis in all his legs so you don’t want him lugging around more kilos than is healthy. That and his dicky heart… Ah well, we’re all limping along.

Sarsaparilla moved in a few days ago and is settling in well, so my little family now has two cats and a dog. I’m also starting to bring my potted garden along in carloads, there are figs on my fig tree! Very exciting. My lawns are responding to some TLC, I’ve mowed the front and I’m watering every couple of days to get it back into a good state. I’m mindful that the units all have nice gardens and older folks so I’m keen not to irritate anyone with a scruffy yard. I’ve nearly moved all the books over, but haven’t started yet on unpacking and sorting clothes or most of my studio. I’ve carefully wrapped and packed my good brushes somewhere… wish I could remember where! Darn move has left my energy pretty low but I was expecting that. A few weeks and I should be feeling brighter. Great news about Tiger, it’s really good to have both the foster cats I was looking after in new homes, and I hope they will have very long and happy lives.

I appreciate hearing from you

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