Peer Work Cert & Radio Adelaide orientations

The Mental Health Peer Work Certificate IV has started! Orientation was a lot of Tafe policies and procedures, which I’ve sat through at AC Arts, and a new bag of goodies (rulers and suchlike) which curiously enough was significantly more packed than the one I got for Visual Arts… maybe because of the much smaller class size. There was a whole theatre full of new art students on Tuesday! It’s going to be good to get to know the other peer workers and learn about the kind of work they are doing or interested in.

Radio Adelaide had their induction on Thursday night, for the new intake of students. It was good, very thorough, fire policies, location of various staff, how to manage prizes given out on air… I think I may have retained about 20% of the information and I’ll need to read their mammoth book of instructions to try and absorb the rest…

The world of admin once again threatens to engulf me entirely… I have paperwork for Centrelink that I can’t finish and submit because the Tafe codes for courses haven’t been sorted out yet, the dentist had to put my appointment back to next week because the night guard wasn’t delivered to him yet, the ‘fitness to drive’ form needs filling in my GP again to maintain my license, someone has sent a report to the RSPCA about my pets I need to follow up and resolve – no details yet so I’ve no idea what the trouble is, Housing SA have had some difficulties with the automated process to debit my rent so I have to trundle down to a post office next week and pay some rent that’s now in arrears, I need to make new files for my various study areas to keep track of all the paperwork (the current system is a heap by my armchair hmmm)…

On the upside, Bridges and Sound Minds went well this week, Charlie and Loki are both slowly improving, Charlie is losing a little weight and loving all the walks, and Loki is putting some on. I’m excited about study, the Dissociative Initiative met briefly today and made some great plans for this year, a friend gave me half a dozen lovely free range eggs from her backyard hens (I had one for dinner – a double yolker! yum) and it’s finally the weekend! Phew! Art beckons… and less appealingly – some more unpacking.

I appreciate hearing from you

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