Poem – Lost and Lonely

Lost and lonely
Confused by the world
People live and love and die
What does it all mean?
What to do with the time?
Why do we live such small lives?
And is anything else possible?

My teeth ache
My heels ache
My wrists ache
The deep burning pain
That is always with me
My hips like anchors
Of hot iron in my flesh.

I limp up a darkened hallway
To a cold bed
There is no lamp to light my way
All the world is shattered loneliness
And I see no place for me in it
I am lost
On dark tides swept out
To a black sea where no moon shines
The world is full of pain and I
Cannot bear it and I
Cannot blind myself to it.

I know so many don’t live here
In the dregs, cold and dark
But a cold wind blows through me
And their fires do not warm me
And their light does not reach me.

I’m cold, I’m so cold.

I appreciate hearing from you

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