Poem – A long day

Long day, I feel weary now
badly in need
of my own company

here in the shadows
where I hear the wind stir
in the peppercorn tree

here in the silence
a voice almost speaks
on the edge of awareness
I feel something stirring inside
my dusty wings
longing for flight
listening to the night wind
sing a dark song of midnight rain
moonlight on water
owl flight, dog howl, the secret
passageways of mice
the trees that go roaming, roaming
walking the hills under shadows
and the streetlamps, winging
about the cities, 
hearing our violence and our dreams.

Such songs, to stir my heart
to wake restless longings in me
the need for poems then…
the need for ink
a great sorrow lies beneath my days
a dark wonder
the lonely passage of the trains
and the wind, the wind
singing in the trees.

2 thoughts on “Poem – A long day

  1. As always, you evoke feelings, emotions images and sense so powerfully. It's a beautiful poem but I'm sorry you were sad.


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