About Dissociation page

I’m continuing to work on the new website when I have a moment here and there. It’s been a lot slower to get up than I’d hoped, mostly because I was completely over-estimating how much time I’d have to do it in. Typical! I’m happy with the layout and design, just working on filling in and updating all the pages now so that it is easy to navigate and has lots of useful links and up to date information.

Tonight I’ve been working on the ‘About Dissociation’ page that will be an introduction for anyone coming to the site. I’ve decided to use some of the images and structure from my latest talk for the Voices Vic conference. That’s another booklet in the logjam of booklets I’m working on publishing! I’m also planning to update and create links to PDF’s of the factsheets I wrote and then drew upon to write the  information about dissociation and DID for this blog for people to print or download.

So, for all of you who couldn’t get to the talk and haven’t had a chance to see the artwork yet, pop over to the new site The Dissociative Initiative and have a look. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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