Ekphrastic Exhibit

Last night the Ekphrastic Exhibit opened in Broken Hill, but unfortunately I was not able to be there due to road flooding. This was an unusual exhibition, involving collaboration between visual artists and poets. A number of artists working in different media created artworks upon the theme of ‘plastic lives’, the relationship between women, plastic, and life. Then poets were invited to write something inspired by one of the artworks.

I chose a lovely monochrome nude by Phyllis Raganovich. We talked a little about her feelings and intentions in creating the artwork, and her phrase “how I wish I could have those years again” resonated with me and formed the basis of my poem. Here is her artwork:

And here is my accompanying poem:

Oh how I wish
I could have those years again
I still dream I’m her
The woman who ran, laughing, for the bus
Danced down sidewalks when the wind blew
Breasts like ripe peaches, firm and soft
The hollow in my hip where my hand lay in sleep.
For you, love, I wish I could be her again
Back before life wrote on my skin
That you could have known me in those years
Met the woman I am in dreams, who still runs
But here, in the night, when you hold my breast
When you lay your hand in the hollow by my hip
I think you feel her beneath my skin
The wind that still blows, the scent of peaches
Still the dance of tender love.

6 thoughts on “Ekphrastic Exhibit

  1. Hi Dee,
    I have heard wonderful things also about the opening! I'm glad it went so well. I like to share my poetry on my blog, it adds something special I think. I'm very pleased Phyllis is excited about having her work exhibited. It is a gorgeous piece and I hope it sells. 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely comments, Sarah


  2. Sarah, Wonderful poetry. Sorry you could not make it to the opening. It was fantastic. I have a blog and have never thought to place the poems I have written on there.
    Phyllis is over the moon her work is on the internet.
    Cheers Dee
    Gaara Arts Inc. Re- Plastic Lives, A Woman's Tale, Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery.


  3. …”Back before life wrote on my skin”
    I love the way you expressed this!

    Such sadness and loss, such yearning. It makes me ache, in the pit of my belly and deep inside my chest.

    Thank you Sarah, for sharing this


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