New dates for your diary

I’ve been updating my What’s On page, there’s some events coming up soon you may want to get along to. This Friday, Sat, and Sunday I’ll be reading poetry on the theme of Recovery and Mental Illness as part of the Chronicles of Cracking Up. Tickets are $10 for an evening of skits, digital stories, comedy and more.

In April I’ll be giving a couple of free talks, one is a workshop about blogging as part of a group at the Writers Centre. The second is a Forum at Mifsa with Cary, we’ll be talking about different strategies for managing dissociation. This will be drawn from the talk we gave at TheMHS last year, but with a lot more detail as we have more time in this setting. It will be suitable for people who are new to the idea of dissociation but in depth enough to be useful to those familiar with working or living with these experiences. That’s the hope anyway!

In other news – I’ve found two manky grass seeds on my floor which I’m pretty sure have worked their way out of poor Charlie’s ear and have been doing happy dances ever since! The poor little guy may actually start to get better now! Fingers, toes, and intestines all crossed. 🙂 

I appreciate hearing from you

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