Talks and interviews!

Busy-ness in all directions! I’m in a very good mood today. Things have been going pretty well lately, and this weekend I actually took a whole day off which is no end of good for my mental health. I had a few friends round for a campfire which was so relaxing. Charlie marred the evening slightly by going to the toilet right in front of where folks were sitting – and his digestive system is terrible! He’s one smelly little dog! Horror horror, guests moved round to the other side of the fire while I cleaned up and thanked my lucky stars I had disposable gloves and paper towels in the house.

Oooh oh, my peppercorn tree Gandalf doesn’t just have a resident possum, he has a family of possums! The other night I watched mum possum climb back up with a little furry baby clinging to her back. Awesome!

Whilst enjoying myself at the campfire evening the other night, I suddenly remembered that I’d agreed to be interviewed live on radio (over the phone) and dashed into the house hoping I hadn’t missed the phone ringing. I was going to be talking about the upcoming Blogging Workshop (see What’s On) so I quickly dug up all the details and wrote them down. Fortunately I hadn’t missed the phone and it rang a few minutes later. I’ve never done a live interview like this, it was quite nerve wracking. The interviewer was Peter, with Radio for the Print Handicapped (RPH), a local community radio. The phone also made it a little bit difficult to hear and near the end I simply couldn’t make out his question and answered what I thought he was asking which turned out to be completely wrong. 🙂 Ah well!

I’ve almost finished my Radio and Online Contributors Course at Radio Adelaide, which is partway towards a Cert III in Media. I’ve enjoyed it so much more than I expected (and I was expecting to enjoy it) and I’m looking forward to doing more training with them. As part of the course we had to record an interview, edit, multi-track, write a promo and all the bits of paperwork associated with a complete piece of radio, ready to be broadcast. We also had to put the interview online. I teamed up with another student, Gary and we each interviewed the other. We were given two possible topics to discuss, our earliest memories, or our carbon footprint. I chose earliest memories and Gary chose carbon footprint. I was slightly surprised by the earliest memory option, considering the rates of childhood trauma that must be a hot button topic for plenty of people! So I chose a few that didn’t reveal too much (my ‘mental health’ problems started in very early childhood) and you can listen to the result here. Gary has done a lovely job with the interview.

I’m going to be giving an hour long talk on Wednesday morning for a bunch of Tafe students, so I’m busy preparing. I’ve been asked to share my personal experience of mental illness and recovery journey. An hour is a darn long time to monopolise a room so I’m putting together a powerpoint of images and I’ll add in some poems. Hmmmmm I can probably use some of the poems I read for the Fringe event recently, they were about Recovery. It’s very very nice to be at the point where I can pull together existing work for some talks instead of taking the time to write or paint completely new material. Not that it happens very often, mostly I find that a new audience means I need to put things together differently, or in some cases my understanding of the topic has grown since I wrote the original powerpoint/notes and I want to update them or frame them in a way that’s easier to understand. Anyway, wish me luck! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Talks and interviews!

  1. I was one of the said tafe students you spoke to this morning 🙂 I just want to thank you again; you inspired me to pick up the brush and paint for the first time in a long time this afternoon. I haven't felt that tingling inspiration in too long, it's just hard sometimes as I'm sure you know. Anyway, I'm babbling, thank you again 😀


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