Finished my Radio Adelaide course!

Hurrah! Today was incredibly long and packed and I didn’t get all that much sleep last night and the nightmares were pretty bad, and it took me forty minutes just to get my head together enough to get dressed this morning. Got pretty wobbly by about 5pm when I couldn’t find a park anywhere near the next event I was trying to get to… shortened the depressingly short list of people I have spoken to for more than 2 minutes BUT not yet cried in front of, dammit! Still haven’t managed to tackle my dishes or tidy or any of the things you try to do before inviting a bunch of folks round to your house, which is happening on Saturday… oh well. Spent most of the day with friends in one setting or another and had some great conversations and really good laughs.

This morning I drove to Radio Adelaide, then realised I’d left my paperwork back home, went back to get them, rushed through a multitrack edit of the interview I’d done, and finally finished all my assessment stuff for the Radio and Online Contributors Course! Hurrah! And I’ve finished the SmART homework and sent that in, my ceramics is finished except for my journal, and Tafe is almost on holidays…. the end is in sight!

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