Righto, well I’ve been busy today working on putting together a talk for this Tuesday’s free Blogging Workshop. I’ve discovered a useful little chrome add on that easily lets me take screen shots and modify them. Then I can upload them to a powerpoint presentation so people can walk through the process.

I started a new test blog to show people each step of the process. Somewhere in all of that I changed this blog template to this fancy shmancy new setup called ‘Dynamic Views’ which basically gives you, the reader, the ability to change how the blog is presented to one of a number of different options depending on what you like. (see the top left) You’re supposed to be able to easily revert this process but that button isn’t working at the moment, so welcome to my new blog template, at least for now! I think I prefer the little flipcards to the old format, this way it’s much easier to glance over old posts and work out what you may be interested in. It also loads more quickly which is a nice bonus. And it reacts to the ‘Ctrl +’ keys that normally zoom in on the net – in this case the page rearranges to make the flipcards and all the font sizes larger!

All the information that used to be on the left hand side here, like the archive, the followers, the topics etc – these are all in a little fold out menu on the right hand side now. Just hover the mouse cursor over the dark tab and the options will appear. Feel free to tell me if this is a pain in the neck.

Righto. Life has been very busy lately. There have been a few meltdowns, various stressful things happening I won’t talk about here that are taking some effort to manage. I’m completely nocturnal and bouncing between much needed time off, more work on my house/yard/studio/kitchen etc. a number of art commissions banking up a bit (yay!), and working on mental health stuff/Dissociative Initiative things. I had been thinking that maybe next semester when a lot of my study has finished I could take up a number of additional classes in Art and bump up to part time in the bachelor degree, but considering how run down I’m feeling after this mad start to the year, I’ve been rethinking that plan a bit. After this semester I could do with some more ‘walking the dog’ time. I need to make it a habit to have at least one day off a week and spend some more time on stress reduction things – poetry, reading, inks, camping, cooking, gardening, or my head is going to fall off.

There are some exciting new developments happening in both the peer work side of things as I keep working on Dissociative Initiative resources – we have a facebook page now! Feel welcome to join us at The Dissociative Initiative Open Page but please be aware that like this blog, everything there is public and visible to anyone on the internet. It’s a trial run to see how it works, open for anyone with an interest in dissociation – personal, professional, whatever. It is not a venue for hostility or abuse and anyone behaving disrespectfully will be removed.

I seem to be adept at making work for myself. :S

There are also some new exciting projects happening in the art field, I am working on producing my first art prints of ink paintings, ideally available for sale much cheaper than the originals. I am also working on publishing my first art booklets based on various talks I have given. Very exciting! I need a good few weeks clear to really  make progress on these big new projects. Perfect weather for this. 🙂 I’ve also bought a new table for my studio second hand from eBay, it’s arriving tomorrow. I’m very excited!! Pictures to follow. Double the table room! Eeeee! I am a very fortunate person. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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