Poem – November

From my journal 2007

The lights below and the sky above
I drive into the evening, into the darkness falling
like soundless rain; like shadows coming down
from a starless sky
and, driving, I am moved to sadness.
It has been a long time since the rain.

Insects worship at the streetlights
like tiny hopeless angels
their wings are made of dust and dust falls from them
as they break themselves to pieces against the lights.

All is lost here.
I am lost, on this familiar road
travelling the old way home, on well-worn paths
but still, I am lost.

I drive on, in the wash of blind traffic
unseeing, unhearing, we each of us drawn through the night
unresisting, on tides and rivers we cannot name.
I drive on, and I think of the rain.

I appreciate hearing from you

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