Sculpture class has started!

Ha ha ha haa, I love this class! The tutor is awesome, clearly loves his job. Today we were given lumps of clay and told to sculpt our own hands. Clay is great stuff. A room full of arty people is like getting a bit drunk with no headache afterwards. I’ve come home feeling so refreshed and buzzing with inspiration! I have no idea some days why I’m working in mental health, art is just awesome. Here’s my clay hand:

 And here’s my actual hand as a reference:

 I’m pretty pleased with it!

 Here it is (bottom right) on the drying shelf with other student’s hands:

There were a lot of creepy disembodied hands in the studio today, very Burton-esque 🙂

Next week we’re going to start on a bust (that is, a sculpture of a head and shoulders) from clay! I am very excited. We will be having life models in to practice figure working. I hope they heat the room up a bit, it’s pretty cold to be getting your kit off at the moment!

Aaaaannnd in other news, I have been painting up a lovely pair of boots all for my very own self. I will post pics when I’m done – for now here’s a teaser of the colours I’m using! They are looking amazing. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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