Hearing Voices Resources!

On Friday a huge package arrived for me. It contained a whole set of books and DVD’s about Hearing Voices! Some time ago I joined the facebook page Intervoice, and through there found out about a fund set up to provide resources free to individuals or groups about Voice Hearing. I sent in an application and am thrilled with the wonderful package! Oh, if we could only do something like this for people through the DI

I will read and watch the collection so I know what to recommend to people, and I plan to hold an information session about voice hearing sometime soon using some of the DVD’s. I was so excited by the Voices Vic Conference I attended earlier this year, and so wished I could have brought our whole group along to experience it. These DVD’s will go a way to helping them feel connected to the whole world-wide movement that we are a small part of! These will all be added to my personal library which I make available to anyone to borrow for a small refundable deposit. I am ecstatic to finally have some voice-specific resources for Sound Minds, the VH group I co-facilitate! I am also planning to set up a Sound Minds welcome pack similar to the dissociation welcome pack I created for Bridges.

I have just added all of the titles to my personal library page, please feel welcome to contact me about borrowing any of them. I started collecting dissociation related books about 6 or so years ago, the library is very small and a lot of the books are second hand. Lately I’ve been buying more new when my budget permits and have been able to get some more up to date books which has been great. A couple have even been donated, which is fantastic, and sometimes people tell me to keep their deposit, which I always put into the library fund for more books. Down the track I’m starting to think about fundraising ideas to generate a bit more money to build the collection up. My wishlist is pretty long! 🙂

I so needed information when I was struggling with diagnosis, and each of these books were hard to find, expensive, and some were quite traumatic to read or really unhelpful. I really needed not just a library like this, but a librarian to point me in the right direction! For some people, this resource has been really useful and I’m so pleased about that. Can’t get over the excitement of having it grow by another 7 in one hit! A huge thankyou to the kind people at the Hearing Voices Network Cymru, I hope they will be pleased with how we use their resources.

I appreciate hearing from you

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