Sculpture – female head

I have missed a class in Sculpture which is unfortunate as the rest of the class were already halfway through this project. We had a lovely life model come and sit for us and our task was to attempt to create her head in clay. I had to work pretty quickly to catch up, and I’ve never done any modelling from life like this. I’m pleased with my efforts although I’m made plenty of beginner mistakes. The most obvious to me is struggling to get all the aspects of a face in the right proportions! Here is the result of several hours work:

Which started out looking like this:

Wrapping clay over a centre of newspaper ensures the middle of the head is hollow, which is essential for being able to fire it.

Next, starting to develop the basic head shape. They look really creepy at this stage!

Adding some of the details…

And continuing to refine.

She still needs work on her throat, a second ear, her hair, eyebrows, and all the skin smoothed over. I’m hoping to finish her next week based on some photographs the life model kindly let me take (she won’t be back next week) while I continue to work on developing the ideas for my final project in this class. It’s gone by far too quickly! I am really looking forward to doing more.

I appreciate hearing from you

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