I’m sick

I’ve come down with gastro so I’ve had a very unpleasant couple of days. A locum doctor came out to the house yesterday but coundn’t rule out more serious conditions without tests, so I spent the evening in hospital having tests done and getting some water into me via a drip. The conclusion is that it is just gastro, nasty but not dangerous, so when my fever started to drop and on the proviso that I drink a lot of water they let me come home. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if I wasn’t needle-phobic, but I really hate hospitals, I hate needles, and I hate drips more than anything. The last thing you need when you have gastro is procedures that make you feel distressed and nauseous. Various meds are helping me keep water down so hopefully I will soon be feeling more human again. At least this didn’t happen last week I guess.

I appreciate hearing from you

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