Sculpture Development

Now that I’m feeling a bit better I’ve been getting stuck into some sculpture homework! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this. Our major project for this subject is to make an ‘arrangement’ of approximately 200 objects – all the same type, in approximately 3 metres square of space. I’ve been doing a lot of research into “Assembled art” and been surprised to find some examples I really like. Traditionally, this has not been a type of art I’ve had a lot of time for, it seems terribly lazy to arrange some cups on a floor and say viola! But I’ve been entering into the spirit of things and playing with colour, shape and arrangements myself.

 I love books arranged by colour 🙂
Playing with candles:

 And cutlery:

My journal is looking a whole lot healthier, I decided to watercolour my design sketches in this one, ironing each page dry before I turn it (to stop them gluing to each other). This page illustrates the idea of arranging living bulbs in glass jars:

I have come up with a few ideas I’m really excited about. As soon as I get the go-ahead from my tutor, I’ll start buying and making the final project. Fingers crossed the one I really want to do gets a green light!

It is so good to feel back in the land of the living, I have been having a wonderful time! I painted my fingernails all stripy:

Sorted out a whole bunch of paperwork – well, went through it, took out the important tax stuff and put the rest in a huge pile in a cupboard anyway. My study desk looks great! Sarsaparilla helped lots:

And my lovely little geranium cutting is growing roots on my window-sill. I got all excited by the shadows cast by the glass when I was photographing it:

I’ve been able to get two loads of laundry done in this glorious weather and now I plan to work on tidying up Charlie’s grave and planting out my bay tree over it. I still can’t eat a lot of foods but I’m sure I’ll be fine in a few days.

I appreciate hearing from you

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