Experiments with wax

Continuing to develop my final project for sculpture class this term – an arrangement of between 50 – 200 objects in a 3 m square space, I have decided on my object – candles! Not just any old candles, candles that have been modified and turned into tiny fountains of coloured wax! My studio is currently covered in wax 🙂

This starts by raiding the broken up crayons from my Bridges kit and melting them 🙂 (I replaced them with some of those twisty ones)

 Experimenting with different ways of melting the wax

 Experimenting with colouring the wax with pigments

 Experimenting with additives = pigments, glitter, beads, pearls.

 Finding ways of melting the wax without getting black carbon in it.

 Playing with colours and glittery things

The first full candle – wax studded with pearls, the colours are too strong and gauche.

 Second candle, limited palette, lots more white wax in the mix to create tones and variation. The wax is studded with freshwater pearls and glass beads. No glue is used, I find different ways of heating and setting the jewels into the wax.

My first pair, blues and green hues, pink dyed freshwater pearls and glass beads.

Got the green light from my sculpture tutor today, full steam ahead with the project! I have a lot of candles to create over the next two weeks! Very excited 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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