Charlie has a tree

I’m still very under the weather with my pain flair up. I have a physio appointment soon which usually helps so fingers crossed. I was able to get Charlie’s grave finished the other day when we had some lovely warm weather, so I’ve planted a small bay tree over the grave by my back fence, and put a big black candle out there. I plan to print out a couple of good photos of him and put them up somewhere in my unit too, that will be good. Miss him like crazy, the place is so quiet without him! 

 And here is my lovely new outdoor dining set which I’m very excited about and can’t wait to start using when the weather warms up. 🙂 Once this flair up settles down again I’ll be able to sit out there in the cool, drinking hot chocolate and admiring my trees. There’s often beautiful cloudscapes or a lovely moon over the back fence to contemplate, it’s such a beautiful spot.

I have been giving a lot of thought to getting another dog and it turns out a friend rather urgently needs a new home for hers, so the plan is to have a trial period and see how the dog adjusts. I’m very excited and very nervous about it too. I am doing more and more talks which means times away from home so I need a dog that doesn’t mind too much being dog-sat by friends here and there and doesn’t do anything silly like howl the neighbourhood awake. Hopefully this is a good match and I’ll have a little hairy critter thrilled to see me when I come again. 

2 thoughts on “Charlie has a tree

  1. A bay tree is a fine memorial for a fine friend. And good luck with the new fur friend – it can be a difficult time, but if you can let the dog sort itself out, you can both get through it. I've placed adult dogs in new homes over my dog showing and breeding years – the dogs almost always find a way to fit into their new life.

    Hugs to you, and good luck with all of your new things happening in your life.


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