Adventures with Zoe

Isn’t she gorgeous? Making choices over things like pet names can be a little complicated when you’re a multiple. There needs to be a consensus for it to work. I came up with a list of 16 possible names, and went from there. I’m 90% sure Zoe will stick. Zoe means life, which seems very appropriate, is short, feminine, beautiful, and the name of two characters I love. Zoe is a strong, loyal crew-member aboard Serenity in the film of that name and related series Firefly. Zoe is also the name of the little girl who narrates the story of Quidam, my very favourite Cirque du Soleil performance.

She is so bouncy and excitable, and very intelligent. She already knows she is not allowed on my bed, she sits on command to be fed, and is learning how to fetch. She’s not yet reliably house trained but I don’t anticipate that being an ongoing issue. She is full of beans and chews like a little four legged buzz saw! Finding dog chews and toys that are tough enough is proving to be more difficult than I expected!

She made pretty short work of these toys! I have a few new ones that are so far holding up a little better, touch wood.

The bad news is that it seems she contracted kennel cough while in the pound. She’s not desperately ill but the cough sounds pretty terrible. That means a trip to the vet tomorrow. Fortunately the RSPCA offered to pay for the vet/treatment costs if she came down with this due to being in their kennels. Hopefully all will be well.

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