Zoe & Sarsaparilla

Both critters are going well. 🙂 They are even starting to get used to one another which is really exciting, as until recently I’ve had to divide time between them on some kind of strange pet share system. Last night I got home very late after an extraordinarily long day and was able to watch Dr Who with both of them curled up on my lap! Admittedly, Zoe went a bit odd and at several points tried to curl up to sleep on my shoulder like a very large excitable parrot, and then when she settled for sleeping on my right arm she’d pretend to accidentally roll over onto the cat, but he was feeling safe enough to give her a hiss and a swipe for the first time instead of bolting so I’m rather excited!

She’s almost due for her last shots and ready to go on walks 🙂 Hurrah! Toilet training is coming along really well and some commands like fetch, toilet, sit, and down, provided she’s not too manic to think straight. It’s been truly wonderful to come home from hard days or be dealing with difficult things and have warm furry bodies to cuddle or sleep by. I feel very blessed.

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