Rewriting the blog

A blog, unlike a book, is a living thing, requiring tending much the way a garden does. Old links die as pages are moved, old posts are edited when grammar or spelling errors are noticed, and information pages need updating as circumstances change. Sometimes a trial idea doesn’t work, a page is poorly titled and therefore rarely viewed, posts have too few back links (links within them to other posts of useful similar content) and so people struggle to work out the context for the information. Some things need pruning and some feeding up.

This blog is almost one year old now, so with that in mind I’ve been doing a bit of spit and polishing. My About Sarah page is completely fresh with a new photo and the up to date info about me so newcomers don’t have to mine into the blog to work out who I am and where I’m coming from. I’ve clarified some things I’d previously left ambiguous and put in links to posts that expand on important areas.

About this Blog is the new name for the old ‘New Here?’ and ‘FAQ’ pages, condensed into one, simplified, and with expanded suggestions for new readers. The topics make it so much easier to search the blog content specifically once people understand how to use them (and where to find them!).

The old Resources page has been renamed What I Do which is more intuitive, and had the content cleaned up and reordered to make it easier to follow.

Three important tasks remain: to clean up all the old articles that still end with a dead link to the articles page I’ve deleted. To add all my latest artwork in to the Gallery for people to view easily. (urg) And to create a master list of dissociation resources for those new to the topic who need to read helpful articles in order from introductory concepts to more complex or tangential ideas. The reverse structure of a blog (reads from latest entry to earliest) in contrast to a book that reads from the start to finish can have downsides in that new readers are coming into the ‘story’ halfway through as it were, and it can sometimes be difficult to follow.

In the meantime however, enjoy!

I appreciate hearing from you

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