Shifting the furniture

I have a gorgeous new dresser, inherited from a friend who is upgrading. Isn’t it stunning?! Look at all that storage space! Following the DI meet up the other day, a few friends stayed back and helped me move the furniture around. Lovely people. This is my ‘dining room’ space, which I use partly to store everything I can’t fit in the kitchen (there’s not a lot of storage space in the kitchen) and partly as my study area. Lately it’s been a hopeless mess, every surface covered with all the things Zoe would like to eat/chew/hide in the back garden. Now that Tafe has started up again, I really need my study space back so a rearrange was on the cards. I didn’t end up having to get rid of any furniture to fit it in (it is pretty huge), the cabinet that was here was able to be moved into the loungeroom, which has had a big of a spruce up now too. 🙂 
Look, somewhere to store all the lovely winter fruit people have been giving me. I love friends with gardens! Before the warmer weather really kicks in, I’ve planned a gardening day for this weekend to get some work done in my own. 🙂This is the other wall of the dining room now, with a decent study space.I’m not that happy about not having a dining table. I like dining tables. I like setting them, serving at them, sitting and eating at them, having a conversation over them, and using them to make complicated kitchen recipes that are so time consuming I need to be able to sit down for them. But, space is at a premium here and also I haven’t been able to buy any really nice really small dining tables, it seems I’m not the only one looking second hand. 
So for now, my study desk there by the window doubles as my personal dining table. I had breakfast there this morning, watching the rain fall on the garden while I ate my scrambled eggs and toast. Down the track I’d like to create a middle eastern style dining suite in my lounge room with pillows and low tables, I love the ambience and not having a whole room dedicated to a table that is barely used (or if it is used, needs to be cleaned off everytime you want to eat a meal there). In the meantime, I’m itching to rearrange my bedroom and studio and looking forward to getting into the garden. 
I love rearranging things here and there, it sets off a degree of dissociation for me, makes me look at everything with new eyes. I have a home, and a cat, and a dog, and a studio, friends, part of my week spent working towards a degree and part spent doing volunteer work that is deeply meaningful to me… life is pretty damn good. 

I appreciate hearing from you

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