The Dissociative Initiative has Incorporated

We did it. A bunch of us met up again, spent about 5 hours wrangling with the Constitution, then voted the DI, and our first board into being.

What’s it like to give birth to an organisation? Exhilarating. We have come together and made something beautiful, something I love and believe in, something worth all the time and effort and anxiety of the process. Is it over? No. So much if the work is just beginning. We have policies and procedures to write, new groups and resources to create, funding applications to submit, collaborations with other organisations to work on. But we now exist as an entity; a not-for-profit, national organisation. It’s a huge step for something that started several years ago as a frustrated conversation about the inadequacy of supports for people who experience dissociation. We are making a difference.

2 thoughts on “The Dissociative Initiative has Incorporated

  1. Have you seen the youtube video below? The speaker applauds and encourages the rise of the 'service user movement'- groups like the one you have started. You're doing such a great job to make a difference in the lives of so many people.

    Postpsychiatry -Reaching beyond the technological paradigm in mental health
    Lecture by psychiatrist & philosopher Patrick Bracken in Forum for existential psychology & therapy, at University of Copenhagen, 18/4 2012


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