Gardening And Waffles

This is a very busy week for me, and I am remembering why I try to have a couple of days off after gardening; I’m pretty stiff and sore! The lawn was starting to devour the garden furniture though, so there was nothing for it but to roll up the sleeves. Here’s what it looked like at the start:

Then we got in there with a lawnmower borrowed from a friend… It was like magic once we worked out how to start it (hint, use your dominant hand for the pull starter).

Friends came round to help and we collected some plants that another friend had been looking after for me. Thrilled to have such a decent sized garden to be starting here with! A big task now is digging up the lawn and planting all the plants so I’m not struggling to keep them all watered in pots over the summer.

We planted a number of roses round the edge as a thorny fence to protect my veggies 🙂

Then, there were waffles! First cheese and corn:

Then apple and cinnamon with whipped cream:

Totally worth every ache. Can’t wait to get a veggie patch planted!

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