Studio Makeover

I have spent Sunday shifting the furniture around in my studio, making chicken stock with leftover roast chook, and wishing I wasn’t getting up so early for sculpture class first thing on Monday.

I’ve been wanting to rearrange the studio for a while now, and yesterday was a day I could ignore all my other obligations and shut down at home to get it done. It took forever and involved totally destroying the room. Midway looked like this:

Which was deeply demoralising. But I persisted and sorted a number of scary boxes and got rid of centrelink letters from 2004 which I really don’t need to keep anymore (yay!) and other such junk. The finished result at midnight was this:

Which is about 8 boxes fewer, and the new arrangement makes the wardrobe properly accessible so I can put away my coats. I do lose a bit of table space by putting them against each other, but I can easily access both grey shelves and I have somewhere to store the big easel when it’s not in use now:

Looking forward to getting in there and making some more journals and ink paintings soon. Must stop doing heavy lifting stuff on Sundays, everything hurts!

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