Enjoying the storm

The highlight of Thursday was going to the beach in the storm with some friends. I’ve been feeling a bit run down so I took the day off and didn’t get out of bed until I had some decent hours, if rather broken sleep, and the worst of the joint/muscle pain had eased off. I am loving the warmer weather, even this morning it was not as cold to curl up in bed, which is great from a joint pain perspective.

I ducked off to Tafe to get some more work done on my seascape moulds, then drove up to the beach. It was wild! Wild winds and high seas and foam flying over the pavement. We trekked to the end of the jetty and screamed and howled into the night. Cold stung our faces and our hands and feet went numb. Sea spray flew like darts and the waves heaved and crashed. I love weather that makes you pay attention to it. 

The shops and cafes were all closed up against the storm, we stood on the pavement in the rain and had to knock on a snack shop door to be let in. Inside the floor was a huge puddle and cheerful staff. We ordered a big bundle of hot chips and went to go huddle in the car to eat them. If I’d just got organised enough to bring a thermos of hot chocolate, the evening would have been complete. If I owned a drink thermos. Hmm, I’ll add that to my wishlist. 🙂 I need to go camping again.


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