Art Supplies

I had a particularly unhappy day recently, nothing went my way at all. I ended up trekking across town to buy art supplies to try and cheer myself up.

This collection is mostly not the flashy and exciting items, but the duller backbone items of arts practice: new brushes, inexpensive folders to safety store finished ink paintings in, a brush box to store my face painting brushes safely when travelling with them…

My big quest was actually about gold paint. In painting journals recently, I’ve been using my top quality artists acrylic paints and I was thinking that a cheaper craft paint would be more suited to the task. I went looking for a replacement folk art paint, only to discover the range is no longer stocked in Adelaide. In the end I bought a gold folk art paint from the Jo sonja range, and a pearl ex gold pigment. I then tested every gold paint type I own to see how they stand up. And what so you know, the good quality paint I’m already using has the colour and coverage of the lot. Ha!

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