My Brain is Full

I have so many projects happening at the moment, in true multiple style… even so, I’ve reached my limit! My brain is full up with information, ideas, creativity, I’m dreaming long, tiring mad dreams that last for months or years and even when I lie still I can feel all the machinery whirring around up there. I kind of love it and I’m kind of exhausted by it. When I get in the zone I can do anything and it’s exhilarating!

I have a lot of art homework to do this weekend, the housework has all been done which is awesome, and I’m eating three meals a day which is even better. It’s hard to work on the wildly creative stuff and keep the practical things happening for me… my paperwork is terrifying and colonising my desk, I must remember to fill scripts, I have a talk for Tafe on Wednesday I need to do some work on…

One of my newer projects is with Radio Adelaide, I’ve signed on to become the online producer for their Writer’s Radio program. I’m so happy! It’s such a good fit. I’ve devoted a chunk of time this weekend to familiarising myself with WordPress (the platform for their blog, I almost never use it) and Adobe Audition CS6 which I have never used before. I was successful in editing three segments from the show to be uploaded separately to the site. I’m very pleased with myself – go and check them out here.

I had already grabbed the sarahkreece wordpress name in case I ever wanted to use it down the track, it’s just been a empty site redirecting any traffic to this blog. But as I need to become a lot more comfortable with WordPress, I’ve decided to try and turn that address into my art portfolio. Particularly when I’m handing out my details for facepainting, having some person whose just trying to plan a party have to work their way through this site, bursting at the seams with all sorts of things, does seem a bit silly. So I’ve created a shell site over there and over the next month I plan to fill it with images and a proper gallery and costs and such to make booking me for a party or buying some art a lot easier. I hope. 🙂 So far so good, the design is really nice and harmonises with my business cards. Have a look here.

Must run, more work to do! Still eating, still sleeping, so things are okay. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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