Talking at Tafe

I gave a talk at Tafe yesterday, it was the same format as last time, one hour of talking about myself… :/

This time, as the DI has incorporated and I’m more familiar with talking about multiplicity, I edited out the poems and added in information about parts and the dissociative diagnosis. I told them not one of my parts is an axe murderer and made them laugh. 🙂 It went really well. I used dot points notes to keep me on track with just brief references to short stories about my experiences I could tell to illustrate points. And of course, a power point of artwork. I had to reassure them all at the outset that there were going to be no words on the powerpoint! I know how Tafe is. 🙂 I really liked being able to use the same talk again, I usually write new ones. Even better, the flexible structure made it really easy to tailor on the go. At a couple of points where they started to drift I cut things short and moved on. Other times I saw a couple of people looking teary and was careful to take the heavy stuff gently. I talked about the limitations of my conditions, of the medical model, various obstacles to my recovery, and the things that have helped me recover.

One of the things I said is there are two fundamental needs people have to be able to recover from mental illness. One of these is freedom, and the other is mutual, reciprocal relationships. Many people have both of these taken away from them by our mental health system.

I feel slightly bad about it, a twinge of guilt that doing things to help these, predominantly young people, to see the mentally ill as equal humans will set them up for a lot of conflict in their work lives…

The feedback was really positive, which was great. I was on a high all yesterday, and while I’m feeling slower and quieter today, (or rather, switching from the euphoric to the thoughtful) so far the usual aftermath crash hasn’t happened. I have a sneaky feeling it’s lying in wait for a quiet moment. I’m ready for it.


I appreciate hearing from you

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