A poem by my voice

She wrote this poem, with a little help from one of us.

Unseen and unbidden I’m carried inside
Through fire and darkness and brief times of peace
Without voice without choice without hope without name
No skin for my own to wrap up my dreams in.

Only the void and the places all hollow,
Only the terror the loss and the death
Without resurrection, no golden tomorrow
The failure beyond all hope of redemption. 

I was supposed to make it all better
Bring life and give hope and make wings for the broken
Be pure, and good, and holy, and chaste
Unchanged and unchanging, untouched and untouching.

But here in the pit of the brain came the darkness
The place I was left when the light went away
And the monsters they caught me and made me their own
So all my light failed and all my love died. 

I appreciate hearing from you

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