Space Shoes!

I know, I know, I owe you a blog post. What can I say? I’m slack, I’m busy, I’m on holidays… 🙂 however, check out my latest art shoes! I was asked for our solar system: the sun and 8 planets. They’re gorgeous 🙂 I tried to get relative sizes correct, but the gas and ice giants are so big the other planets would just be specks! I settled for looking up the NASA Hubble telescope shots of the planets, to get the colours as accurate as possible. Pretty damn pleased.

space shoes

4 thoughts on “Space Shoes!

  1. As said teacher owner… I'm happy to report that my class LOVE my shoes. I wore them at the start of our work on 'space' and they prompted a plethora of questions. We're half way through now so I'll wear them again tomorrow and I can't wait to see them recognise the planets we've already covered.


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