A Rather Long Day

Yesterday was one of those days that only starts to pick up a little once you realise it isn’t going to work at all and write it off completely. I spent most of it in bed with a major headache and a painfully sore throat. It came on the night before but an evening of nursing it and chilling in front of DVD’s didn’t do the trick. I seem to be prone to tonsillitis now some of mine have grown back. 😦

So I cancelled my day, even though I’d been really looking forward to everything booked in, started a big fight with a friend (which was smart, well timed, relevant, and helped out with my headache. Sigh) finally dragged myself out of bed around midday to sit at my computer crying and eating lollies, wearing a towel. This didn’t help much. 
It’s a bit of a learning curve, working in the area of eating disorders. I’m pretty good these days with my own food/body issues, but they’re not completely behind me. Some days I feel like a fraud in my job. Particularly when the stress is getting to me and either I can’t eat or I’m eating constantly to cope with it. 
So as the guilt/shame/self hate spiral kicked in with a vengeance I found someone kind to talk to, managed to eat breakfast, and finally had a shower and got dressed. I felt slightly more human and decided to head off to the sculpture studio where I feel at least slightly competent. I also have my project due on Monday, no extensions possible, and the lab isn’t open over the weekend so it was weighing on my mind. 
The evening improved a bit from there. I bought extra chux and string on the way, found a free park, cried for a bit longer, limped into the studio, and set to work. I actually finished the project before we were asked to leave at 8.30pm, it was fun and good and I felt pleased with myself. The tutor was friendly and told those of us working late not to get nervous around him, that he has unconditional positive regard for all of us unless we start being mean to each other. He said that was essential for creativity. I said that was essential for life and worked on not crying again. I was also in a lot of pain because of all the bending to work on the bamboo cot, this project has been really hard for that. But it takes all the pressure off Friday and my weekend to have it done. 
Then I came home and gamed for a couple of hours, shooting zombies with a friend. Mindless and fun, like taking a holiday from my head for a while. I feel kind of fuzzy around the edges but I’m out of the pit. Zoe contributed to the evening by chasing Sarsaparilla under the furniture and chewing my aerial cable into about 40 small pieces. I managed two meals yesterday and my brain doesn’t feel like someone has deep-fried it anymore. Maybe after another decent sleep things will be looking up. 

I appreciate hearing from you

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