Painting At Market

This morning I painted kids for 4 hours straight at the Beach Rd Market, without a moment to blink much less eat, drink, or have a toilet break! It was my first outdoor gig using all my all my new equipment. I’m seriously greatful for the shade, plenty of people at the fair got a touch sunburned and I burn quickly!

My back hurts but I’m really proud of myself and pleased with my work. It was hard to turn the kids away, I often had a huge line up and at 1pm when I was supposed to be leaving I had about 10 or 15 waiting. They all got a quick design on their hand or arm instead. I got a lot of requests for rainbow fairies funnily enough, glad I’d made up a design the previous day when practicing on some friends! Hand designs were very popular too. A few kids were wriggly and I was rushed, a bit embarrassed about some of the work! But they all had a friendly, cheerful, chatty face painter and that’s very important. They were all listened to seriously about what they wanted, even if it meant inventing a design on the spot. (like a red Chinese style dragon mask) And I painted a LOT of kids. 🙂

Thank goodness I’ve got the white dots and stars down pat at least! Now, much resting!

I appreciate hearing from you

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