Almost human

I don’t handle the heat well at all (its 37 here in Adelaide today) and I’ve been in a fair amount of pain since facepainting on Saturday morning so I took this morning off and slept in, on the floor of my lounge room (kinda under my new dining table) next to my only air con which is one of those ones on wheels that you vent out a window. After 10 hours somewhat broken sleep my pain levels are finally down and I feel almost human again. I was a teary mess yesterday, which I hate. I’m feeling slightly more hopeful about being able to handle the hot weather in this little unit now!

I’m also changing how the facepainting will happen – I’ll set my phone to sound an alarm every hour and get up and walk about for a minute… and planning better ways of overcoming my poor memory for designs and faces… just got to tweak the system a bit so the pain and fatigue aren’t so bad…

But for now, off to concept development with my undernourished journal, sigh. Good thing there’s so much to look forward to over the new couple of months. 🙂 

I appreciate hearing from you

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