Face And Body Painting Kit

Continuing to develop my face and body painting kit – here is my lovely new palette that folds shut and can be carried flat or upright as you wish. Isn’t it gorgeous!? Not a lot of set up time with lovely tools like this. I’ve cut all these colours into split cakes myself which makes them more versatile. The colours on the left are beautiful metallic and on the right are the strong matt colours. I adore this – with one caveat – I wont be keeping the black in there in the future, I was using it so much I was splashing tiny black drops into the other paints and causing myself all kinds of grief. 🙂Yesterday I was at Bunnings and found this fantastic cooler bag with wheels and a collapsible handle! I’ve been looking for something like this for months to transport my kit in! It’s small, light, easy to pack, and waterproof which makes it easy to clean and stops paint spills from staining. I’m stoked!
It stores my entire kit easily including bottles of water for outdoor events. I’m really pleased with it! Love making progress with things like this – so much happier taking this out with me than the cardboard filing box I used to use! 🙂 Next stop – looking forward to taking some classes on one stroke techniques and improving my line work. Happy happy.

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