Sculpting the Sea Final

 Finished my third art project this week and handed it in. It’s currently living in the back seat of my car until I find a better home for it. Curse sculpture for the storage problems it creates!

 I’m happy with it, the black is matt and the green is iridescent which has a really striking effect. It’s called Bless all those in storms.

I’m considering de-constructing it into small groups and felting the base so I can set them up on my table or shelf and play around with the arrangement…

In other news, I’m chronically sleep deprived and sulking about the warmer weather. I have a major first-probationary-year housing inspection on Monday so there’s a lot of cleaning and tidying in my future at the moment. Christmas may at some point get a look in but I’m not holding my breath. Grrr.

I appreciate hearing from you

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