The breakfast of champions….

Or rather, the lunch of people who’ve had dental work. My girlfriend suddenly needed to have an infected tooth removed this week so I’ve been putting my considerable experience of dental-pain-appropriate meals to good use! I once spent months on a mushy food and milk shakes diet while waiting to have 5 teeth removed (4 wisdom and a molar) and the post surgery situation was a nightmare of allergies and reactions so it was a very long time before I saw a steak again. Actually that was also the first time we realised that part of my allergic reaction to opiates is liver damage leading to psychosis. I have a very distinct memory of floating out of my body to drift around the room with each dose of digesic, becoming increasingly delusional and anxious that I might float through the window and be blown away by the storm… 
So anyway, this is mashed spud with gravy and mushy peas. We’ve also had custard with peaches, yoghurt with strawberries, potato and leek soup, and tonight I’m roasting pumpkin. It’s been a very quiet weekend. 🙂

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