Poem – Mental Illness

from a 2010 journal

Walking into the adult world
layers of illusions peeling away
and the emptiness beneath us all coming into view
the veneer of our security so thin
we are a lost race on a world
falling into space and our dreams
are a taste of death, first thing in the morning
and the last hour of night
in my minds eye 
everyone I love is gone
it falls away

No island so remote
as to be beyond the touch of tragedy
we destroy it all and it destroys us
we live on borrowed time and the pain
catches up in the end
we pay for all our sweet days
all the debts are collected

There is no peace.
There are moments of joy.
Touch on my skin
love in their eyes
dreams in my heart
but the dark always comes
and the light is so frail
all our hopes unwoven
our allotted happiness
spent like sand through glass
and what does it all mean?
I hold her hand
and I can feel her slipping
night has its teeth in her skin.

We live, we love, and we die.
Each moment is pulled like a cloth
over the emptiness beneath us
over the screaming terror and the helplessness
the hours that torture and the dreams that sustain
we fly a little, and then we fall.

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