I’m sick, I’ve been holed up in bed for a couple of days. The recent heat has knocked the stuffing out of me and my fibro has flared. I’ll be alright in a day or so but for now I’m exhausted, depressed, my body aches, and I’m pretty uninterested in life. This is exactly how I like spending my holidays.
As a special treat today I got to go see my dentist. 😦

Alternatively restless and listless, I’m struggling to recharge after so much hard work and long hours at the end of last year. My garden is calling to me, and my kitchen. I want the weather and my health to improve so I can bake and dig my garden. I want flour on my hands. I want to camping and lay under the stars. I want to smell herbs in my garden.

In the meantime I’m grateful that the dentist didn’t need to do much with my teeth this trip, and hoping my migraine settles down enough to get to my group Bridges, and away somewhere fun over the weekend.

Fingers crossed.

4 thoughts on “Sick

  1. I hope you do manage to get away on the weekend somewhere…. somewhere away from technology, away from large amounts of concrete… to somewhere that is alive with energy, say a quiet beach or the bush …. I would go for the beach as at least you have a sea breeze in the f&*^%g heat…. roll on autumn.


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