I’ve been working on a few posts lately, of the serious and thought-out kind on mental health topics… I’ve been pretty unwell and in a lousy headspace for the past few weeks so these are not the kinds of things I can put together in a day. But in the meantime, today I woke up feeling great for the first time in living memory (almost) so I’ve had an excellent day, gone and harassed half my friends in the name of being a facilitator of Bridges, and now I’m home with other friends round and we’ve made enormous burgers and are about to game together in Torchlight 2. So there’s your update – still alive, not in massive pain for the moment, headspace is possibly on the irritatingly cheeky side which is a considerable improvement on the neurotic and teary side that I’ve been stuck in, and all is well with my world. Hope your week finished well too. x

3 thoughts on “Burgers!

  1. It was a grand ending to the week. I'm glad your headspace was good too, I must admit mine never involves coding as I barely understand it! If I was going to learn to what is just about another language I would be rather more tempted by Elvish… 🙂


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